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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

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Designing worlds: Experience Creating Tabletop RPGs
Playing to the (Virtual) Crown: Streaming Tabletop RPGs
September 2018
PAX West, Seattle WA

Women Who Crush
May 2017
Women Who Crush, presented by VivaWomen!, Seattle, WA

Twitch 101 & Streaming Safety
Stepping into the Limelight
January 2017
OrcaCon, Seattle, WA

The Morality of World Building
Global Gaming Culture
January, 2017
MAGFest, National Harbor, MD

How to be a Game Master
Queer as a Thee Sided Dice
September 2016
GaymerX, Santa Clara, CA

Knights and Nightmares
Design an RPG in 3600 Seconds or the Earth Explodes
So you think Twitch isn’t for you? Guess Again!
September 2016
PAX West, Seattle, WA

Mythology and Games
How to Diversify your Game
May 2016
Paizo Con, Seattle, WA

Indigenous Games
March 2016
Game Developers Conference, San Francisco, CA
Amplifying New Voices event

How to Build an RPG Community (VIDEO)
August 2015
Indie+, Remote

Larping meta techniques
April 2015
Carnegie Mellon Transformational Experience Summit, Pittsburgh, PA

Gaming as Other Does GenCon
Why is Inclusivity Such a Scary Word?
August 2014
Gen Con, Indianapolis, IN

Everything You Wanted to Know About LARP But Were Too Afraid to Ask
July 2014
Gam3rCon, San Diego, CA

Myth and Folklore in Modern Media (VIDEO)
Gaming as Other
May 2014
Wyrd Con, Los Angeles, CA

Round Tables
Race in the Gaming Industry
Gaming As Other: Breakout Session
Creating Non-Western, Non-White Settings
Women in Gaming: On Being a New Game Designer
Gaming and Mythology
April 2014
Maelstrom, Morristown, NJ

Psychology of Character
Wyrd Con Companion Book
Reprisal of Gaming as Other
February 2014
Intercon N, Chelmsford, MA

Gaming as Other (VIDEO)
February 2014
DREAMATION, Morristown, NJ

Surviving Nightmares
Reprisal of How to Date a God
November 2013
LosCon, Los Angeles, CA

The United States of Larp
August 2013
Gen Con, Indianapolis, IN

How to Date a God
Reprisal of How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse
May 2013
Bay Con, Santa Clara, CA

“Mythic Modes in the Modern West: The Evolution of Interactive Theatre in Response to the Need for Myth”
May 2013
International Association of Comparative Mythology Conference, Tübingen, Germany

The Making of: Tinker Web Series
May 2013
Gaslight Gathering, San Diego, CA

How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse
November 2012
LosCon, Los Angeles

An Introduction to Eastern Themed LARPs
July 2009
Tokyo in Tulsa, Tulsa, OK